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What's That Terrific Smell?

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It's coming From That Kitchen?

Is that friends, family or customers saying that? Your kitchen could be making pastries, meals for the mobile kitchen, a prepared meal to serve at a customers home or a thousand other possible ways to make money from the kitchen. Your friends, family and customers know those great smells are coming out of your kitchen.


When you are cooking for family or friends, don't they seem to gather in the kitchen? They know that being close to you means being close to the aroma. You can't eat the smell, but it's great as an appetizer.

No matter what cooking venue you want to get into, there are ways to do it without a lot of your own money. Note I didn't say no money but just not your money. If you don't have much more money than to buy a couple of packages of hot dogs and buns, with determination and a good plan you can talk someone into buying the hot dog cart for a share of the profits.

hot dog cartmobile cartlarge mobie van

Finding someone to buy what you need is not a difficult thing. You need to know where you are going and how you are going to get there. A sound plan will generate interest and the willingness to help. For large sums of money there are angel investors. For smaller amounts there are private lenders or investors.

Because you have a choice, which part of making money from a home kitchen interests you? If you want little contact with customers, cooking or baking something to order is for you. You make pastries for a restaurant, they pick it up, pay you and your done. On the other hand you can work with customers in your own pastry shop, a hot dog cart or your own in a home restaurant.

Believe the old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way!”. You have to first find what excites your soul, set up a plan, and put it into action. If you generate that unstoppable determination: than nothing will stop you. You may have to bare down to overcome some obstacles, that just toughens you up for the next ones.

So now are you ready? Look at the list on the left column. Find one that interests you, order the information and get going! 

One last thing:  Follow the laws to prevent trouble later.